About us
We are a software consulting firm specialising in web applications, Building marketplaces, software platforms, tools and products for the next millennium.

We have build platforms that support thousands of users and millions of dollars in transactions. we create robust dependable mission-critical apps that are vital to the success of our clients.

The applications we build are battle-tested on three grounds

1. Speed

Our apps work across devices from mobiles to workstations to televisions, web performance and speed are vital, the apps work blazingly fast and also gives an appearance to the user that it is working.

2. Dependability

The success of our clients depends upon the trust the app will work everytime someone opens it. The app will not result in failed transactions or Crashes. Our apps go through rigorous unit tests for all vital scenarios and are assured to work every time.

3. Scalability

Scalability is very important in these times of rapid growth. Software companies grow exponentially there apps should be there to support that growth. Our apps are made to handle requests from a few thousand to millions of users. So that when growth happens your servers and apps will not be down.

Our team consists of highly skilled industry veterans and software architects that have worked with silicon valley start-ups and fortune 500 enterprise clients. We have User experience designers and a team of front-end and back-end developers as well as dedicated project managers.